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About Scibuntu

Scibuntu makes your computer a scientific workstation. It is Ubuntu Linux for scientists and science students. Scibuntu is not just another Linux distribution. It is a script that adds scientific programs and other convenient tools to the plain desktop Ubuntu.

Scibuntu is based on Ubuntu Linux, one of the most popular, powerful and usable Linux distributions there are. Scibuntu releases the scientific power that is hidden within Ubuntu. Most programs in Scibuntu are already out there in the Ubuntu repositories Scibuntu collects them for you and puts them into your computer. Some programs are fetched from other places.

Scibuntu is free software or if you prefer to call it open source, under the GPL license. The programs installed by Scibuntu are released under their own licences.

Scibuntu is not a big program, just a couple of screenfuls of code, but it has drawn lots of attention in its first month, with thousends of visits at the web pages, lots of attention on the web, hundreds of downloads of the alpha versions and lots and lots of e-mail to the founder. We think that it fills out an empty niche in the software ecosystem. Now we feel prepared to release the first beta version.

By Urban Anjar, Kalmar, Sweden 2006-12-05 :: Logo by Paul Williams. Logo